Bringing it home for an Aussie caravan and trailer parts brand.


Holroyd provides Australians with dependable caravan and trailer parts engineered to the highest standards. 

Made in Melbourne, they offer a selection of trustworthy products. Each is meticulously crafted to meet stringent quality requirements. Holroyd places a high emphasis on delivering outstanding service and maintaining a top-notch product range. 


We were asked to modernise Holroyd’s branding, demonstrating their desire to provide only the best to their customers. 

The update had to centre around the impeccable engineering of parts, showcase the dedicated Melbourne-based team, and emphasise the fact Holroyd’s products are specifically designed to withstand the challenging Australian conditions.


We developed a brand identity befitting an outstanding Australian precision engineering company. 

We used quintessential Aussie locations – the unforgiving, yet beautiful, landscapes. Many shots also featured families to demonstrate Holroyd’s products are ideal for keeping families out of harm’s way. Using clear copy, we drew focus to the fact that one of the brand’s main aims is to ensure Aussies arrive safely at their destination.

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