Brewing a rebrand with all the right ingredients.


From humble beginnings operating out of a backyard shed, Bintani have grown into an industry-leading wholesale distributor offering a range of the world’s highest quality ingredients for brewing, distilling, beverage, and food manufacturing.


The original branding for Bintani reflected the company back when it was operating out of a shed.

It was Scooter’s task to refine and evolve their identity while maintaining their existing brand value and recognition. 


We redefined the brand as a gradual, evolutionary process, rather than giving it a complete overhaul. This allowed Bintani to continue leveraging the brand value and equity they’d already built within the industry. 

We refined and enhanced certain elements of the original branding, using an illustrative style and vibrant colours to show Bintani as a catalyst for creativity and craftsmanship. 

The new branding was then rolled out across various channels, including event spaces, collateral, social media assets, and more. 

Selected projects

BMW Group